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Woodstock sports is here to provide you with the latest news from the world of gambling and to keep you updated with the best online bets, deposit bonuses, freebies and much more. Please keep an eye on our pages for reports on the latest slot games and the biggest wins and jackpots, especially from the world of progressive online slots which are known for their huge wins amounting to millions of pounds on a regular basis and some of the biggest wins ever, including the likes of the win documented on the site here which saw the Dark Knight progressive online slot bring in the biggest ever win at a bingo site which bagged the lucky winner several million £££’s in cash from a minimum stake spin of just 15p on this slot. This is one of the reasons we like a gamble as stories like this let us know that it is possible to bag big amounts of cash with only the smallest of stakes being used used.

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We will also be covering various sports betting opportunities, following all the major sports events from across the globe from The Rugby World Cup to the FA cup preliminary stages. We are always looking out for the best deals and promotions available at online bookies such as Betfred, Ladbrokes, William Hill and many lesser known companies who often have big bonuses on offer to pull in new customers to their ranks which the better known bookies don’t do as they already have such a number of customers coming to the due to an already large online presence and TV advertising.

We also like to dabble in a bit of online poker and hope to bring some playing guides to our pages written by one of the top online poker players in the world who seriously knows his stuff and will guide you to making a real wage online through grinding it out on the tables. Although we have to say that this isn’t easy and does require a serious amount of effort it is still most certainly a viable way to make an online income and free yourself from the chains of a 9 – 5 and who would say no to that. You could even live in any country with an internet connection, leaving the green grass of the UK behind (as well as the grey skies, wet weather, cold and boredom) and go live in the sun in a tropical paradise such as that found in the southern Thai island of Phuket where we currently reside thanks to our online ventures!Game On!

So take a look through our site and check out the tips we have to offer, the latest news from the gambling world and some of the most amazing bonuses and freebies available at online bookies, casinos, bingo sites and poker sites! We know you’ll be glad you visited!